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Home Depot Survey: Home Depot is a great company to work for, from the store to the corporate office. Home Depot store is an American home improvement supplies retailing company that sells tools, construction products, and services. The company is headquartered at the Atlanta  Store Support Center in unincorporated Cobb County, Georgia. The products of the company include home appliances, tools, hardware, lumber, building materials. The company operates in many big-box stores in united states. home depot is welcoming their customers to participate in its survey to express their opinions regarding the products and their services to maintain their reputation of having high standards to meet the customer satisfaction.

The Home Depot was co-founded by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill and Pat Farrah in 1978. The Home Depot’s proposition was to build home-improvement superstores larger than any of their competitors’ facilities. Investment banker Ken Langone helped Marcus and Blank to secure the necessary capital.

Home Depot Canada is the Canadian unit which is one of Canada’s top home improvement retailers. It provides house brands like electric.home decoration collection. The website homedepot survey will provide you all the necessary information you needed. It consists of all kinds of surveys such as food survey, health retail, Product survey, etc.

Food Survey:

The Food Safety Survey is nationally-representative telephone survey of consumers knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs about food safety. The survey results are used to measure trends in consumer food safety habits, to better understand consumer attitudes about novel technologies, and to evaluate educational messages directed at consumers. Specific topics may be added to individual surveys. For example, the 2009 survey included questions about how recent food recalls affected consumer confidence in the food supply and what effect, if any, recent recalls had on consumers’ home food safety behaviors. This information will be used to develop strategies to communicate food recall information to the public more effectively. We provide necessary information to participate in the survey. Then you have to carefully login to the site http://www.homedepot.com/survey and post your comments.

The mission of the Food Survey is to monitor and assess food consumption and related behavior of the population by conducting surveys and providing the resulting information for food and nutrition-related programs and public policy decisions.

Health Retail:

if you want to register for a new account or facing any problems while logging into your account survey.info provides you the necessary information carefully you can register for a new account or can retrieve yours forgot password or username.

Product survey:

if you are searching to buy something in the market and unable to find which is the best products that suit you. Then this survey provides you the best information about the top 5 best products available in the market. we review the product, compare them with other products and helps you to pick the best product.

How to Enter the Home Depot Survey:

The home depot survey is truly based to know about the opinion of the customers about the products and their services about the store .anyone who wants to participate in the survey to express their opinions.

  1. To enter Home Depot’s customer survey, you will need an official receipt from the store.
  2. Once you have a receipt, head to official website. You can use a mobile device, laptop or desktop.
  3. Once you get to the customer survey page, you will need to choose a “Language.” After that, you will have to enter the zip code of your residence.
  4. Grab that official Home Depot receipt as it will include the login and password. When inputting the information, be sure to copy exactly what’s on the receipt. If there’s a space between the characters, then place a space at the appropriate places when entering the information. Also, be careful not to input “O” (the letter), and use “0” (the number).
  5. Just fill-up the needed information and answer a couple of questions as you go

The winner will get a chance to win $5,000 worth of gift cards which can be used to purchase furnishing items from home depot store.

Most of the questions are based on shopping experiences, like:

. Was the product satisfactory?
.Was there a long queue?
.Was the staff helpful?

The Home Depot’s survey questions are nothing like the questioners of a school test. You should be able to finish everything in a couple of minutes.

How to complete customer satisfaction survey:

Requirements and Rules :

  • A computer or mobile device with internet access.
  • A valid sales receipt from Home Depot for the last time you shopped there.
  • Be a legal resident of the US or Canada.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be able to read and understand English, French, or Spanish.
  • You should have a valid email address.

Follow the steps to take part in a Home Depot Survey:

  1. Enter the survey main site at official survey website.
  2. Choose your preferred language and enter your zip code. Click on the continue option to move to the next page.
  3. Enter the user ID and password found in your Home Depot receipt and click continue.
  4. Answer all questions honestly and thoroughly.
  5. At the end of the survey, you will be required to enter your personal information, including your name, address, and phone number, to enter the sweepstakes drawing.
  6. When prompted to, click on the finish button to complete the survey.
  7. Visit the winners’ webpage to check whether you have won the gift card in the sweepstakes.

The customer survey, when done right, is one of the most effective business research tools for developing better marketing strategies.

But it’s not just about asking questions. It’s about asking the right questions that will yield truthful responses and allow comparing your customers’ awareness, satisfaction and attitude with other relevant brands, organizations, and events.

Custome care services:

Home Depot provides with the exceptional customer service and products. Its strategy is to make relations with win-win strategy, that is how everybody can get a reasonable profit from cooperation. Every customer can make a great contribution to the success of a company

Customer Care Center: 800-466-3337.

If you live in Canada, call 800-668-2266.

Home Depot surveys can show the reality of the company and reveal all troubles that must be eliminated in time.


It is important that you enter your correct name, telephone number, and address because this information will help the company contact you in the event that you are a sweepstakes winner.

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